Now, it’s time to tell you more about me!

My name is Silvan Harker. I'm 25, from France, and I am author, composer, singer, musician and founder of my own music label (Silvan Harker Music) as an entrepreneur. As far as I can remember, I have always been crazy about music. I grew up with AC/DC, Nirvana and Kiss in my ears, but with the groovy rhythms of A-ha and the rock ballads of Scorpions and Aerosmith in my heart too. To sum up, a pop/rock education that I try to use when I compose and write my own songs!


Over the years, I participated in several contests (including the European Songwriting Awards) and in a lot of local live performances (World Music Day, acoustic live concerts in restaurants and pubs, college live performances, etc.).

I took singing and piano classes, and I have learnt the guitar on my own. I learnt how to compose music on computers on different softwares too, to have more possibilities of writing and composition in my home studio.


In 2018, some major evolutions happened in my artistic career: first, I released Wonderland on YouTube and on all the main social networks, with a real success in a very few weeks. It encouraged me to participate in several contests and business events, to meet new people and extend my network internationally and to develop again and again my project.


After the MIDEM, in Cannes, I got more than 20 contract offers from music labels (majors and independent labels). Finally, I decided to sign a contract with 35Grad, a German digital distribution label, partner with Spotify, Netflix and Believe Digital. Then, everything went crazy! Two covers released on YouTube (with almost 20 000 views thanks to just those two covers), job offers to compose soundtracks for movies and short-movies, the production of my new single, and the shooting of my first clip… To sum up, an amazing dream that became my reality!